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Why “The Runaways” Meant the World to Me

Alright, so now that I’ve calmed down, I would like to discuss how BIG of an impact this episode is for not just cartoons, but media in general.

The entire episode centers around a group of ethnically diverse teenagers who, in no way, shape or form are stereotyped. They are complicated individuals with their own ambitions and goals. Everything about their interactions with each other, plus their relationship with Neutron, Eduardo’s father, Dr. Wilcox, and how they treated Jaime was just so natural. They react to their environment based on their previous experiences. And most important of all, they work together as a unit because they were thrown into this chaotic predicament and all they have is each other.

It was just an honor to see this episode play before my eyes. To see these kids with their own set of strengths and weaknesses become their own kind of heroes and take charge of their destiny. Young Justice took a group of somewhat offensive characters from a 70s show and reinvented them in a way that made them feel real. Made them feel right and like they belonged in that world. It was truly inspiring.

And that’s just another reason why this show needs to be saved. It breaks boundaries, gives life and meaning to ALL its characters. It shows us villains can still love and be good fathers, that friends can and will keep secrets from those closest to them and that it will breed consequences. It tells us the stories of so many unique and wonderful characters, who have their own struggles and dreams, who have to make complicated choices in order to survive and hopefully thrive by the end of it all. This is the programming children should be exposed to. So they can learn that everyone has a story, that everyone can love or hate, and that we are a product of our experiences and through work, they can shape into something more.

This was a dream come true for me; this told people of all ethnicities that their dreams and goals, worries and problems are just as valid as everyone else’s. And I want it to continue you on for a third season and more.

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